Kid’s Special

Only for Kids Under 12 Years Old, Comes with One Drink, Salad and Ice Cream

  • Makimono for Kid

    • 10.00

    California roll and vegetable roll

    Makimono for Kid
  • Makimono for Super Little Men

    • 15.00

    California roll, AAC roll, and shrimp avocado roll

    Makimono for Super Little Men
  • Agemono for Kid

    • 10.00

    Chicken katsu

    Agemono for Kid
  • Teriyaki for Kid

    • 11.00

    Chicken, beef or salmon

    Teriyaki for Kid
  • Tempura for Kid

    • 10.00

    Chicken, veggie or shrimp

    Tempura for Kid
Kid’s Special