House Signature Roll

  • Shrimp Mango Roll

    • 17.00

    Lobster salad, romaine lettuce, cucumber, and tarragon wrapped in soybean paper topped with shrimp, mango and caviar served with special sauce . Option with raw caviar on top

    Shrimp Mango Roll
  • Sweet Heart Roll

    • 15.00

    Tuna, salmon, caviar and avocado wrapped in soybean paper, served with miso soup

    Sweet Heart Roll
  • Lobster Bomb Roll

    • 20.00

    Veg. roll topped with Maine lobster served with lemon creamy sauce with a hint of coconut flavor

    Lobster Bomb Roll
  • Crazy Sake Roll

    • 17.00

    Salmon with crunch, caviar roll topped with king crab torched creamy sauce, scallions and crunch on top

    Crazy Sake Roll
  • Passion Roll

    • 17.00

    King crab roll topped with tuna, yellowtail, eel

    Passion Roll
  • Fancy Roll

    • 16.00

    Crunch crabmeat, fresh yellowtail avocado on sliced tomatoes served with jalapeno dressing

    Fancy Roll
  • Feng Special Roll

    • 17.00

    Deep fried lobster, asparagus with cream cheese and caviar roll topped with avocado, scallions and taro. Option with raw caviar on top

    Feng Special Roll
  • Hudson Roll

    • 17.00

    Deep fried shrimp tempura roll topped with topped toro, fresh Jalapeno and caviar

    Hudson Roll
  • Outstanding Roll

    • 17.00

    Spicy tuna and cucumber wrapped in soybean paper topped with eel, avocado and caviar on "spider web" sauce

    Outstanding Roll
  • Alaska Summer Roll

    • 17.00

    Alaska king crab meat, king salmon, cream cheese and avocado tempura roll served with ginger garlic sauce

    Alaska Summer Roll
  • Spring Roll

    • 17.00

    Special chili sauce with yellowtail, tuna and salmon

    Spring Roll
  • Lobster Explosion Roll

    • 15.00

    Deep-fried lobster salad and avocado roll served with spicy creamy sauce

    Lobster Explosion Roll
House Signature Roll